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As a courtesy to you and to Bones Muhroni, I will thoroughly describe this record. So what are we dealing with? You, of course, know who you are. At least you have some idea. You know what you like, what you don't like, the friends you have, the family you will always have, this is life. Who is Bones Muhroni? He is not you, let's be honest, he is more me than you, and just like you feel about you, I feel about Bones Muhroni. It is an ever changing concept, my diary, a journal for my friends, a romantic time-keeper, and a stylistic memoir. I started this record in my room and did it all on an 8 track (Thank you Nick Hamlin for letting me borrow it FOR A YEAR!). It gave me a chance to be alone. What was once an 8 piece band had been placed in a strange spot; a new beginning. I could do whatever I wanted. Keep the name, change the name, get a new band together, go solo, go home. In this time of not knowing what to do; I was lent an 8-track. I was able to record myself for the first time. I got out some weird yet personal folk songs out, and I also got to be an engineer for the first time. In the latter half of the year, a new band started to form, and we continued to record in the living room on that same 8-track. At the end of 2016, an entire year of not knowing what I was going to do, I looked down and saw 10 tracks in front of me. I felt relieved, excited, bittersweet and grounded.
-J. Crew Rienstra
January 14th, 2017


released January 3, 2017

Produced by: Crew Rienstra
Bounced & level Mixing by: Sam Gabbard
Mastered by: Michael Fiore
Album Art by: Alyssa Forstmann
Photograph taken by: Marina Garijo

The Players:
Crew Rienstra: Guitars, Keys, Drums, vocals
Ryan Wykert: Drums
Sam Gabbard: Bass
Mac Hill: Lead Guitar
Taylor Plenn: Saxophone, Flute

Special Thanks:
Nick Hamlin for the Boss Machine
The El Paridicio Boyz
Carlos & Maria Cruz for never once complaining of the strange sounds coming from below your apartment.
& thank you listeners.

Grounded 2017



all rights reserved


Bones Muhroni Los Angeles, California


Current Members:
Crew Muhroni

Past Members:
Chris Jones
Sam Gabbard
Ryan Wykert
Taylor Plenn
Mac Hill
Julian Nicholson

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Track Name: D- Boy
Standing on the corner, tryna make cheddar.
It had been an alright day, Id'e done better.
I popped a Parli in my mouth, I was listening to Cudder.
I hear a voice behind me it sounded like Butter.

Her shallow eyes quickly passed me by;
I'm hypnotized. I'm not her kind of guy.

I take off my headies no longer hear Cudder.
The phone has switched the tune to Modern Lovers.
I want to rage. I want to burn sage. I'm a bird, I need no cage.
I want to moan. I need a throne. I'm a dog, I need my Bone.

Her shallow eyes quickly passed me by;
I'm hypnotized. I'm not her kind of guy.
Track Name: The Long Run
Well Momma always said that Highschool'd be better
Pulled the sweater on my head, thought that it'de be better off.
While the lovers feeling high, and the lonely feeling low
but that's the way it goes. I know.

People always trying to push me around,
I'm looking everywhere to find my new sound.
I can never clarify what I want,
yet somehow expect to get it in the long run.

Well daddy always said that college would be better,
pulled the sweater on my head, thought that it'de be better on.
While the rich are feeling high, and the poor are feeling low,
but that's the way it goes, I know.

People always trying to push me around
I'm looking everywhere to find my new sound.
Yet you can't ever work for what you want and somehow expect to get it in the long run.
Track Name: I Just Wanna Be Yo' Man
I see you honey on the grass.
Bend over drink from carafe.
I just wanna be yo man.
I see you sexy
O those legs
I want you girl, everyday cuz
I just wanna be yo man.
and now this fire
burning hot
if you dont love me baby ill rot cuz
I just wanna be yo man
Let's go
I just wanna be yo man
Track Name: The 3 Stages of Attraction
Stage 1: Lust or Romantic Passion

You were shy and I was contemplative.
At first it felt platonic, then we were quickly quite titillated,
we made out as demonstrated, a boyish lust, it emasculated,
and the virgin angle menstruated, and it was real and honest lust.

Stage 2: Attraction or Romantic Passion

It was young and it was loyal
and our love it radiated like Chernobyl, after the meltdown,
before we exposed our frowns, before we knew ups,
and no downs; it was real and honest attraction.

Stage 3: Attachment or Commitment

So here it stands, there was no plan,
I guess time was an allusion, alluding to two wed-locked hands.
Now there is an equal understandem
love is not you or I it's now tandem
and if there's fists to be thrown will landem'
cuz its real and honest commitment.
Track Name: Pritty Britty
I don't know why but I can't stop thinking of you.
I watched 3 movies today, I even cleaned my room.
All the things that I do to keep my mind off of you.

How do you spell a word like Pretty?
To be honest that words lost its meaning to me.
O wait! I know how it goes, I'll spell it like this and it will go
B-R-I-T-T-A-N-Y to me.

That's how you spell the word Pretty.
Track Name: Destiny
Saw you about a year ago, I know.
I wanted to see you more, but you had to go.
And now I'm stuck here in Greeley
and your at Columbia University.

But I feel this is Destiny,
had a dream about you and me
it got the best of me.
Baby, now I feel now, that this is Destiny.

And in our dream we talked a lot.
And in our dream we had a really good shot.
Then I wake up and its all real again.
To tell you the truth honey, I hate your just a really good friend.

But I feel this is Destiny,
had a dream about you and me
it got the best of me.
Baby, now I feel now, that this is Destiny.
Track Name: Sanctify
Sanctify that sweet sound.
Been hearing it for days, nothings coming out.
I feel it right in my finger tips.
Sanctified, the poet spits.

Then my blood it boils brown
and I gentrify that dissonant sound
Til babe it wears you down.

Sanctify, my o my right now.
I just can't wait
I'm already awake now.
Sanctified, whats your message, whose your priest.
Gentrified, rise the price up on the lease.

Trust that it's worth the price
Lust keeps you safe until the end of the night.

Til' Babe it wears you down.
Track Name: Tahnee Marie
I got a text last night, but it wasn't for me.
And in this text it said, "I love you much, and miss you so.
Some day we will be together, this I do know."
but it wasn't for me.

but for Tahnee Marie

I then was baffled, I didn't know what to say.
So I told her my name, and then I asked if she was ok.
She said my niece Tahnee. Was driving a year ago.
And her car flipped, and she died on the road.
since then, I have longed for her company,
I then thought that this text was also for me, not just for

Tahnee Marie.
Track Name: The Real Life
I tried to sing about it
I tried to write about it
but it wasn't writing down.

So i composed a poem about it, show the whole world about it.
On and on tried to understand, guess I never really could my man.

The Real Life

I met a man you see
I real timely man you see
asked him what it was all about,
from women to man, and god as well
80 you think would make a man,
said he never did understand

The Real Life

Tic Tock Tic Tock n'

The Real Life
Track Name: Burgundy Town
Well I woke on up and
my thing rose up
I tugged it on down
then I went on out.

Got my coffee
ya my caffiene
head it sparks up
start my car up now

and i drive it on out

Cruising down old York I'll always see
Lights that were once red have now turned green.
It's the nicest shade of green I ever did see
for a town that was once dark burgundy

Go on out now
on my way yay
on ramp pops up
lifes my forte yay

yet on my way home
I'll bitch and moan
got a problem
well don't ask me please

no not me

I think if my drink of life is natty ice
then how can I expect a classy wife
then I'll sleep and slumber sometimes nice
yet if the bed bugs chose to feed then I'll feel strife

Wake on up now
help your mom out
gratitude is never rude, and do
good for you
not that scared child inside of you

in your review mirror you'll find you'll see
all the red lights have not turned to green
its the nicest shade of green i ever did see
for a town that was once dark burgundy.